4 Reasons Why Kids Should Start With A Balance Bike

A great way to help kids learn how to ride a bike is by first introducing them to balancing bikes. They can be used from 18 months of age and allow kids to develop their balance and coordination before they move on to pedalling.

This gives them a considerable advantage, as it means they will learn to ride much faster than if they were trying to do so straight away with pedals attached. This also helps prevent fear or anxiety from riding a regular pedal bike for the first time!

Balance bikes are incredible!

Balance bikes are a fantastic way for toddlers to learn how to ride a bike. The balance bike is safer than tricycles or training wheels, less expensive than pedal bikes, and more fun than training wheels.

If you’re looking for an entry-level bike for your child, consider buying a balance bike rather than a traditional tricycle or those training wheel sets that don’t teach kids how to ride bikes.

Your child will learn how to balance on a balance bike.

Balance bikes are a great way to get your child on their journey toward riding a bike without worrying about pedals, gears, and brakes. And the best part? Balancing bikes is fun! Your child will enjoy learning how to balance on their own two wheels.

You won’t have to worry about them pedalling themselves into the fastest street of Centenary Motorway in Woolloongabba during the peak traffic hours or while they’re still learning how to ride a two-wheeler. Balance bikes are also cheaper than training wheels and can be used as an alternative if you’re not ready for pedals yet.

Your child will learn to steer the bike.

You might wonder how kids can learn to steer a bike without pedals. The answer is that they won’t! Kids learn to drive a balance bike by turning the handlebars. Steering a pedal bike is the same as running a balance bike. The only difference is that when you lean into turns on a pedal bike, you also use your feet and legs.

Leaning into turns with your feet on the ground helps beginners learn how to control their bikes and prevent them from falling over while trying to figure out where they’re going next. When children get better at turning their bikes while they’re still young, they’ll be able to do it even faster and more quickly once they start riding pedal bikes.

Your child can transition to a pedal bike.

Another benefit of a balance bike is that it will help your child transition to a pedal bike. A pedal bike requires the rider to use their feet to move forward and back, whereas a balance bike does not have pedals and allows kids to use their feet for balance.

The difference between riding a pedal bike and riding a balance bike is like trying to drive in first gear on a car versus fifth gear; pedalling is faster with less effort when you’re starting, but once you’ve gotten used to pedalling, you can shift into higher gears for more speed or power.

When it comes to children and riding bikes, there are so many options. But the balance bike is the best choice for most kids. It’s easy to learn how to ride a bike with this type of bike because it doesn’t have pedals or training wheels to worry about. And if your child decides they want pedals on their bicycle, later on, they will already know what it feels like to ride one!

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