5 Ideas for Aesthetic Improvements to Your Indoor Living Spaces

As admittedly important as functionality and practicality are, especially if you have a young family, you will naturally also want your home to be attractive and welcoming. 

So, with that being said, here are five ideas for aesthetic improvements to your indoor living spaces.

  1. Give the Impression of High Ceilings

Now, first up, if you are already living in a property with high ceilings and long walls, then this is naturally not for you, but if not, then there are ways to trick the eye in this matter. 

Choose thick and luxurious curtains that are sure to reach the floor and hang the curtain rods much closer to the ceiling than they currently are, giving the room a sense of grandeur. 

  1. Consider Sliding Doors

If your redecorating budget allows, a fantastic way of transforming one or more separate rooms within the home, or else creating a new space within an open-plan ground floor, is to swap out the regular door for a sliding alternative. 

Just a selection of the impressive benefits of sliding doors includes the following:

  • Maximising the space between one room and the next
  • A range of different designs to suit even a small and curved space
  • The introduction of more light to the space
  • A contemporary and modern design aesthetic 
  1. Coordinating Hardware

Unless you are one of those enviably organized and visionary people, when buying furniture for your home when you originally moved in, it is highly unlikely that the hardware detailing on each piece was uniform.

However, for an impressive and eye-catching impact upon entering the space, coordinating the hardware across each piece of furniture is a relatively simple yet highly effective change, with the tonal differences between each piece serving to add depth and personality. 

  1. Eye-Catching Sofas 

The lounge is perhaps the one room that needs to be as relaxing and ‘Feng Shui’ as possible, but, especially if you have small children and a couple of animals running around, the hardest space to keep clear and calm. 

It is for this reason that designating different zones within the room, even if your living room is on the smaller side, makes perfect sense, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to invest in an absolutely stunning sofa from ligne roset chelsea and to choose an aesthetically eye-catching colour. 

  1. Declutter!

The fifth and final piece of advice within this article for people who want to accentuate the initial aesthetic impression of their interior living spaces is perhaps the simplest one of all in theory, but indeed the hardest one in practice. 

Many interior designers work to encourage their clients to follow the five-step process when wanting to declutter their homes, especially when focused on aesthetic value. Categorising your belongings into either rubbish, donations, fixable, recyclable and items to simply put away in their designated space makes the decluttering experience much easier and considerably more effective. 

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