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Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s daughter is Kavya Pichai· Los Altos Hills, California, USA is the birthplace of Kavya. 2010 was the year of her birth·

Here, we provide you with all the information you need to know about Kavya, including her age, wiki, height, weight, boyfriend, family, biography, list of films, husband, father, mother, affairs, education, and more·

Her father, Sundar Pichai, has a net worth of $1·3 billion and serves as CEO of Alphabet Inc·, the company that owns Google·

In a similar vein, Anjali, Kavya’s mother, is a business operations manager at Intuit with a $22 million fortune·

Early Years | Parents, Age, and Date of Birth

In February 2003, Kavya Pichai was born in Los Altos Hills, California· She is currently 20 years old· Cancer is her astrological sign· Pichai’s mother, Anjali Pichai, works as a chemical engineer· Her father is business executive Sundar Pichai·

Kavya’s siblings

The siblings of Kavya consist of just one brother· Kieran Pichai is the sole brother that she has· The younger brother of Kavya , Kieran Pichai, is also a student·

Kavya : work profile  

She is a well-known daughter of Sundar Pichai· He is a businessman who is Indian-American· Pichai leads Alphabet Inc·, the parent company of Google, as president and CEO· The person graduated from IIT Kharagpur with a degree in metallurgical engineering·

Moved to the United States and obtained an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, where he was named a Palmer Scholar and an M·S· in materials science and engineering from Stanford University, respectively·

He started out as a materials engineer as well· After a brief employment at the management consulting firm McKinsey & Co·, he joined Google in 2004· Subsequently, he oversaw product development and management for several Google client software products, such as Google Drive, Chrome OS, and Chrome Chrome·

In addition, he managed the creation of other programmes like Google Maps and Gmail· He also announced the release of WebM, a new video format, and the open-sourcing of Google’s new video codec, VP8, later that year· In 2012, the Chromebook made its debut· In 2013, Pichai expanded his portfolio of Google products to include Android·

On August 10, 2015, Pichai was selected as Google’s next CEO as well· Prior to that, he had been Larry Page’s Product Chief· In addition, on October 24, 2015, he took up his new role after Alphabet Inc·, the new holding company for the Google family, was fully formed·

He was named to the Alphabet Board of Directors in 2017· In spite of this, Time listed him among its 100 most influential people in both 2016 and 2020·

Kavya Pichai’s Relationship Information: Boyfriend, Friends, Dating, and Marital Status

Kavya is currently having fun being independent with her loved ones· At this point in time, this personality is too young to be dating anyone· However, her talent and attractiveness might draw a lot of attention· Right now she’s focused on his studies·

Dimensions of Kavya Pichai’s Body | Regarding her heght and weight?

Even as a celebrity, she has maintained her physical fitness· Her weight and height are average, which works for her· We don’t know her precise weight or height· Her other bodily measurements are also unknown· Her complexion is fair, and she has a beautiful smile· As such, she has black hair and brown eyes·

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