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Jasmine Costume

Princess Jasmine , the famous character  and one of the most beauty princesses of Disney, whose first appearance was in back 1992 , titled as princess of Agrabah . Her character as princess is popular but there’s somethings which everyone cherishes and widely popular which is her unique signature outfit , which consist of low-riding turquoise harem pants with a matching turquoise small off the shoulder top. They way her character is styled, is iconic, you must have seen in school ,college or  in costume theme parties , girls wearing Princess Jasmine outfits , it’s so rich in colour and design that make you standout in crowd , you look absolutely gorgeous .

OUTFIT ORIGIN: Jasmine Costume

The dress which Princess Jasmine carry is gorgeous and it adds to her beauty. But have you ever thought from where her outfit come from ? If no, then let’s know from where her fashion come from and its history .

Her outfit consist of small crop turquoise top and harem pants, do you guys know from where harem style pants came from ? They are  Middle Eastern inspired pant ; it was introduced to western fashion around 1990s by the designer Paul Poiret who was Parisian . A way back, before 20th century these harem pants were very controversial , it was said that it’s a way to introduce trousers for women’s dressing , the harems of sultan image inspired Poiret to create something like harem pants.


Let’s see what things you need to look like Princess Jasmine , things which you need is easily available online.

  • Jasmine costume

This is Jasmine outfit in turquoise colour this beautiful outfit is the iconic fits of Jasmine , this dress is from latest version of Princess Jasmine’s outfit from Disney latest movie “ Aladdin (2019)”. This outfit is little different from original fits of Jasmine , but it is the better version of that, you can go for this one too for costume theme parties , you will definitely turn heads.

  • Footwear
Jasmine Costume

Footwear to pair with outfit, it could be paired with heels and cosplay shoe would perfectly match with outfit of Jasmine , talking about colour of foot wear then there are few options like silver , turquoise or golden , I believe these three colours will go perfectly with outfit.


The accessories which Princess Jasmine carries with her iconic outfit consist of deep blue stone earrings , uniquely design broad bracelet, necklace, hair band and sometimes you have observed her wearing gloves also .

So, these all are the things which you need to dress like Princess Jasmine, dressing like Jasmine would be one of the best options for girls , her character is very impactful as well as her personality as Princess .

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