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No action hero novel is hit if there is no proper antagonist for the protagonist. The success of the novel depends on the storyline, characterization and their progress with addition to a very evil villain with whom they have the final boss fight. So is the case in the Final Fantasy VII, which managed to have good success following this mantra. 

Kadaj is the villain of this novel and there is a fair bit of popularity for this character. Let us know why and more details about him in brief.

Character Origins: Kadaj

Kadaj is the antagonist of the novel Final Fantasy VII The Kids are Alright : A Turks Side Story. He appeared in the novel as an evil person with a typical villain mindset. But in the later part of the novel, it is disclosed about him and his mission to find his lost mother Jenova. He is shown to be working in the Remnants of Sephiroth. 

In the due process of claiming the remains of his dead mother, he fights with Cloud, who is the protagonist of the novel. They both engage in a hreusome fight which ends up with Kadaj absorbing the entire remains of Jenova and acting as it’s host body. He transforms himself into Sephiroth hence he is always seen with a sephiroth figure over his original body.

Character Backhistory: Kadaj

Kadaj is a really powerful antagonist and perfect villain for the novel which had another powerful character as hero, Cloud. They both shared similar powers hence the battle was always close and each time they attacked, nature would also react in response to the rivalry they both had. Kadaj was on a serious mission to find his lost mother Jenova. 

He is also a little insane making him evil to the core and a very hard nut to crack for the protagonist characters. Kadaj is voiced over in Japanese by Shotaro Morikubo and in English by Steve Staley. Kadaj currently works in the Remnants of Sephiroth, hence, he has the appearance of  Sephiroth in the physical form.

Character Appearance: Kadaj

Kadaj wears black leather coat with matching boots and pants. A full black dress code simply gives us the glimpse of how dark the character of Kadaj is and the inner lying evil of him. He is also seen as Sephiroth larval form in which his physical body is covered by a soul-like, semi transparent dark entity covering him totally, which makes many of the opponents of him get terrified. 

Kadaj is a handsome man with beautiful green hair and very rare silver long hair whois always seen with his long sword. He usually smirks in the most evilest manner, showing his true villainous nature to others.

Character Personality: Kadaj

Kadaj is a seriously evil, cruel and crude hearted person in the novel. He is the arch enemy of Cloud, the protagonist and fitting the antagonist for such a hero. Character personality is seen with extreme imbalance on his emotional levels with a very unstable mind which he never fails to showcase to the readers or viewers. 

Character personality converses in the most volatile and aggressive manner, which shows his roughness through heart and soul. He is very connected to Jenova and is fighting for it crushingly hard to win back them. The mindset of Kadaj is so evil that even though he is human, he sees his fellow humans as little fools who are in shallow darkness and he only can glide  them past this maze of world.


Character Popularity

Kadaj is very popular due to his crude to the core evilness and this is the generation where people love heroes but connect to the villains. Character popularity has seemingly interesting storyline and his own past. Kadaj remains strictly sworn to his goal of claiming the Jenova and he is ready to sacrifice himself or desimitate anyone. He has huge craze in the audience and there are many origins of him which were covered over various solo releases of novels as well as many novel based video games.

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