Solving sentence correction is important in GMAT examination

GMAT just like other competitive examinations is not very easy to crack. One needs to prepare and practice a lot in order to perform better.

There are quite a few sections in the examination and one needs to prepare for each of them separately. The sentence correction questions are important when it comes to the Verbal Reasoning part of the GMAT examination. This accounts almost 35 to 40 percent of the entire section.

Give priority to Sentence Correction

English is not the primary language of communication for most of the Indian students. Hence, the Verbal Reasoning section can be somewhat challenging for them. A lot of students focus on learning up the grammar rules here but it is very important to know that the sentence correction portion is not just about mugging up grammar. One has to focus on 2 major aspects when it comes to English language proficiency. The first one is the correct expression and the second one is the effective expression. While the former is the test of grammar and sentence structures, the latter is the sense of clarity, conciseness, cogency in a sentence.

Here are a few things to follow:

  • Never pick up the option that ‘sounds right’. One has to be thorough about the basic grammar rules like subject – verb agreement, parallel structure, modifiers, prepositions, tenses and other things. A good command of those rules can help one to spot the right answer quickly.
  • Elimination is a great way to spot the right answer. Elimination a wrong work is more than enough to cancel an option in an MCQ. When it comes to examinations like GMAT, one has not more than 2 minutes to answer each question and so elimination is a very feasible approach. It is also very important to understand that GMAT is not about picking the universally best answers but it is about picking the best answer from the given options. Now, how does one eliminate options? A simple and quick scan of the options can help one to spot the difference quite easily. When one understands and identifies the difference between options then it will be easier to eliminate them.
  • In most cases, the errors of a sentence correction questions do not lie in the obscure grammar rules or something which is very unfamiliar. Errors most of the time lies on the meaning of the sentence. The examinees have to remember that GMAT is all about testing on the skills that management graduates should have like communicating in an effective manner and making judgements in a limited amount of time. So, when solving the sentence correction questions; one has to pick up the right answer while looking at the bigger picture.
  • Also, rushing through the questions is not a very good idea. One needs to notice the important clues when picking up the right answers.

One can take GMAT coaching classes Chennai and practice on a daily basis to get the things right. Practice makes everything better and one needs to remember that.

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