These Studies Might Help You in Taking Break From Social Media

It is no shame to claim that we are among many people who check their phones for notifications almost every five seconds. However, social media has brought all sorts of comfort to our lives. Social media has become a core part of our lives, from chatting with long-distance friends, posting selfies, and having some hours to relax. While there are many things that you can appreciate about social media, it is no lie that constantly checking your phone for social media notifications can be challenging to stop. 

Social media has undoubtedly revolutionized how people interact. It has also helped people with making connections and friends online. Still, businesses are the most significant benefit of the social media surge. Businesses worldwide are using social media to market their business online and around the globe. Even if you have a small-scale business or are running your dream venture from home, social media can help you with your business marketing. Social media platforms are the most cost-effective ways to become popular among consumers. 

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The dark side of social media

You might have been a victim of a social media app where you can not stop posting updates about your life, oversharing details of your life with strangers, and constantly checking what others are doing. These habits might seem harmless at first, but they cause severe impacts on your mental and physical health.

Recent data shows that over fifty-eight percent of the global population have business social media. Experts estimated that over ten percent of people in the United States have a risk of social media addiction.

Benefits of social media detox

Social media detox is when you can stop using social media platforms to give yourself a break from the digital world. A break from social media can be healthy for your mental wellbeing. Further in this article, we can explore the benefits of social media breaks and discuss how taking a break can be beneficial.

Better sleep

A 2020 study found that fear of missing out is one of the many factors driving people to use social media at night. These activities can cause sleep disturbances.

Another study in 2021, which involved 132 participants, found that limiting social media use has proven to improve well-being by preventing sleep problems. However, the study’s author states that people who have been engaged in heavily consuming social media decided not to participate in the study. It is because they were unwilling to reduce their social media usage.

Another study in 2020 found that limiting access to the internet before bedtime prevents sleep disturbances and other sleep problems. However, this study has proven to be more effective for those less engaged with social media usage.

Reduce stress

A study in 2018 found that reducing social media use for one week shows a significant decrease in stress both for typical social media users and excessive social media users. However, the more important effect was on social media extreme users.

Another study in 2019 found that common social media behaviors include checking for messages, risk of encountering anxiety, and other psychological distress. However, they highlight that limiting up to the research and further study is necessary.

Limiting social media usage boosts mental well-being

A study in 2020 where sixty-one participants were asked to limit social media for a week found that they experienced an improvement in their mental well-being. They also noticed the positive relationship between mental well-being and social connectedness. However, the report found a negative relationship between fear of missing out and mental well-being.

Wrapping it up

Excessive social media usage can be harmful to your mental well-being. The fear of missing out on posts can cause people to use social media at night, which affects their sleep, and physical, and psychological health. There are some ways to cope with these social media obsessions. In this article, you will find the benefits of reducing social media usage.

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