Which Is The Job Seeking Platform Of Haryana For People?

hrex.gov.in login

Do you know which the best job seeking platform of Haryana people is? If not, here is a fantastic employment platform for job-seeking people in Haryana. The hrex.gov.in login is the famous and reliable job-seeking platform among individuals surviving in Haryana. The government of Haryana has begun new employment opportunities for the youngsters in their state. It is to accomplish the fulfillment of employment in the whole state; the government has opened a new portal named the Haryana Rojar portal. 

Hrex platform and its eligibility criteria:

Hrex is the best government platform for providing job opportunities for youngsters. If you are a job seeker, you can provide your information in the government website, which can offer you a great job. The eligibility criteria for employment in this portal are that the candidate must be a permanent resident of Haryana state. The age of the unemployed youth must be above 18 years, and in the Hrex platform, only unemployed individuals are eligible. 

Registration and login process in the Hrex portal:

Here are the registration steps for you that are to: 

  • Visit the official site of the Hrex portal
  • Tap on the account on the home page and click the register option
  • Sign-up opens, and click on the jobseeker option to register
  • A new page appears and asks you to enter your mobile number and capthca code
  • Click on the send OTP option
  • OTP generates to the mobile number and enter the same OTP, then tap on verify
  • After you verify your mobile number, you will get a registration form
  • Fill in all the details such as name, mobile number, and password
  • Tap on the sign-up option
  • Visit the home page, tap on the account, and choose the sign-in option
  • Provide username, password, and capthca code to sign-in
  • A fresh page will emerge with the application form
  • Fill in the details in it, like educational information, and enter the aadhaar card number
  • At last, check the details entered, then tap on the submit option
  • Complete the registration and application process  

The login process and the steps are here for you, and they are to:

  • Visit the official site of hrex.gov.in to log into the portal
  • Tap on the account on the home page and choose the sign-in option
  • You will get a login page and enter your username, password, and capthca
  • Tap on the in option, and the login process is successful 
  • After you sign into the account, you can access and check more details about the employment exchange. 


Finally, from the above content, you will learn about the right portal for job-seeking youngsters in Haryana. So, Hrex is the best portal that works well with unemployment and permits them to submit their details on this portal to get a great job opportunity. 

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