Education Boards of India

Nowadays people have many choices around from food to movies, that includes education also. The confusion does not limit to selecting the best school for kids, but it also has branched further to which board to choose – State, CBSE, IB or ICSE Board.

Every parent grapples with many questions when it comes to starting their child’s academic journey. Giving their children the best education is one of the most significant challenges for parents.  Choosing the right education board between ICSE vs CBSE can help nurture your children’s minds to become progressive global citizens.

What are CBSE and ICSE?

The Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) was reconstituted on 1st July 1962. The Government of India controls this autonomous body, and the head office of the CBSE board is located in New Delhi. The CBSE board has set a good standard of education, and with its effective policies, it has reformed the education system in India online education.

ICSE is a non-governmental board of school education in India, established in 1958. ICSE full form is the Indian Certificate For Secondary Education. It conducts examinations up to 12th, through the mode of English. The regular students of the schools affiliated with ICSE can take up the examination. Private students are not allowed to write this examination. The ICSE curriculum is designed as per the recommendations of the New Education policy 1966.

Difference Between CBSE And ICSE

Education boards in India put their maximum efforts into moulding student’s career goals and achievements by contributing to their development and growth.

CBSE BoardICSE Board
The CBSE syllabus is small and close-packedIt focuses on Science and MathematicsCBSE is older than ICSEIt is more popular than ICSEMore schools follow its syllabus patternCBSE board is more relevant for Medical and EngineeringIt has more scholarships and talent research examinations It helps students to clear examinations like IIT, JEE, and NEETIt is less skill-basedIt has not set of  prescribed textbooksIt allows both regular and private students to write exams.It offers an alphabetical grading systemThe ICSE syllabus is vast and lengthyIt gives equal importance to other subject streams like Art, Language and Humanities.ICSE is comparatively newIt is less popular than CBSEFewer schools follow its syllabus patternICSE is more relevant for Management careersIt has fewer scholarships and talent research examinationsIt helps students to clear tests like TOEFL and IELTSIt is more skill-based compare to State and CBSE boardIt has a set of prescribed textbooksIt allows only regular students to write examsIt evaluates students in the form of a score

Advantages of CBSE Board

  • CBSE is a national level board of education that the Government of India recognises.
  • It follows a scientific approach for study wherein students are supposed to attend only one question paper per subject.
  • CBSE board has a curriculum structure that is on an age-appropriate basis.
  • It focuses equally on English and Hindi languages.
  • CBSE allows both regular and private students to write examinations.

Advantages of ICSE Board

  • Its focuses on a child’s overall development
  • It gives importance to all subjects
  • ICSE uses English as a mode of instructions
  • It is accepted by more schools and colleges across the country
  • The syllabus is well-structured
  • It emphasises analytical skills and problem-solving

Parents can easily solve their problems in choosing the right education board for their child by looking at the differences mentioned above. 

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