How to Celebrate a 10th Wedding Anniversary

Do you and your significant other have a milestone anniversary coming up? Will you be celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary and do you want to ensure it is a memorable occasion? A full decade of marriage is a huge accomplishment and it’s well worth taking a break from everyday life so you can fully comprehend what an incredible thing this is. So, whether you want to go big with the celebrations, or prefer small and romantic gestures, here are some of the best ways you can celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary.

Plan a Minibreak – Slow Down Together

Life is busy, there’s no denying that, and it can make celebrating your 10th anniversary difficult. Rather than having dinner together and getting right back to the stress of daily life, why not plan an escape? A minibreak can be the perfect solution that forces the two of you to slow down, put life on hold, and just enjoy one another’s company.

Try choosing a destination nearby so you don’t need to spend much time in transit and pick accommodations that feel quaint, romantic, and quiet. The two of you can spend your days exploring local sights, shops, restaurants, and even nature.

Opt for Bespoke Jewellery

Purchasing jewellery is very common for wedding anniversaries, but rather than ready-to-wear pieces why not look into something bespoke so that your ideas can come to life? Creating stunning pieces in-house with the help of a jewellery designer doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to a jeweller that offers bespoke jewellery Hertfordshire. When working with a designer, they will listen to your ideas and then envision the finished piece that will stun your partner. 

Bespoke jewellery is the type of thing that people keep forever and pass down through generations thanks to its beauty and uniqueness.

Get Dressed Up and Enjoy Some Fine Dining

If the two of you are foodies, this is a great opportunity to spoil yourselves and enjoy fine dining. Choose a restaurant where you can get dressed up and enjoy a more sophisticated and elegant experience. Just be sure to make reservations well in advance so you aren’t left waiting for a table when you arrive.

Book a Couples’ Class – Learn Something New 

For adventurous and inquisitive couples, why not book a class and learn a new skill or hobby? This can be something fun and unusual to enjoy together, and not the kind of thing you do regularly. 

Some of the classes you could try include:

  • Dance
  • Cooking
  • Wine-tasting
  • Pottery
  • Painting

Expand the Celebration and Throw a Cocktail Party

There’s also no reason your celebration only needs to involve the two of you. If you’ve got a big social circle, why not throw a fancy cocktail party and invite close friends and family? The party can be at home, you can rent an event venue, or book space in a lounge or restaurant.

Marking a Milestone in Style

All of these ideas will help you mark your 10th wedding anniversary in style so you can celebrate the many memories you’ve made and will continue to make.

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