The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Beautiful City Wedding

For some people, the noise and the general hustle and bustle of a large city is somewhat off-putting, and they like to avoid them as much as they possibly can. For others, however, there is nothing like the feeling of being entirely immersed in the sensory experience of a big city, and if this sounds like you, and moreover, you are currently making plans to be married, then you have definitely clicked on the right article.

Following is the ultimate guide to planning a beautiful city wedding.

Top Benefits of a City Wedding

Before you learn invaluable advice regarding planning your wedding in a big city, it may well be helpful to reaffirm your decision as to your location by reading the following benefits:

  • Big city weddings provide a plethora of unique locations and buildings to choose from
  • Beautiful and iconic skylines form the background of your official photographs
  • Plenty of accommodation and transport options for your guests
  • Small and larger companies in abundance for flowers, food and drink

Another huge advantage to choosing a city wedding is that, even if your wedding guests live across the country, there will certainly be a selection of different ways they will be able to travel to your wedding. This fact may even make the difference between some of your guests being able to attend and them having to decline your invitation.

Take Time to Choose Your Perfect Date

One of the most important tips of all when planning to have your wedding ceremony and reception in a large city is to ensure you do not pick any date which is already assigned a bank holiday or other day of celebration.

The reason for this is essentially two-fold. For one, any venue worth its proverbial salt is more than likely to be fully booked during this time, and secondly, if any venue is available, they will more than likely hike up their prices.

Explore Different Types of Venues

Another key ingredient of the perfect city wedding is to take advantage of the myriad of beautiful buildings and iconic structures to hold your ceremony and your reception in.

Naturally, unless you are fortunate enough to be swimming in money, getting married in such prestigious buildings themselves is out of the question, but established and spectacular venues, such as Hartford Society Room, make for the ideal wedding reception hall.

Choose an Outdoor Photo Location

Even if you are lucky enough to find the most stunning of wedding venues within your budget, when it comes to your official wedding photographs, you will naturally want some of you and your brand-new husband or wife in the great outdoors.

The best way to choose an outdoor location for your photographs is, when you have created a shortlist of your potential wedding venues, you should take time to explore the nearby surroundings. Ideally, a park or other green area would be perfect, and if you can find a lake or river, then all the better.

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