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Tamisemi BEMS School Information System (SIS) for Head of School (Maku wa Shule). This article is full of information. About BEMS-MIS Tamisemi School Information System by Tamisemi for Head of School Registration. How to log in, Register Step by Step, How to Use Sis.tamisemi.go.tz will covered here.

Know About Utangulizi

School Information System (SIS) a system used to collect school information and monitor school operations and management activities. This SIS system used to increase efficiency in the provision of basic education services from school, county, council, and regional levels. The users of this system are the staff at the school level who are teachers and who are not teachers, ward education officers at the ward level, education departments at the council level, education departments at the regional level, ministries, and development stakeholders.

This system is available in the following ways:-

  • A mobile app called SIS Tanzania is available on Playstore (Android).
  • Web which is available at the following address SIS Tanzania

How to log in To sis training.tamisemi.go.tz?

Once you have registered with the Council IT Officer, start by opening your browser on a computer connected to the internet. The browser can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

  • Then write the following address sis.tamisemi.go.tz. Start by entering the “Username” and “Password” created by the IT officer. 
  • Then click on the “ENTER” button to log in to the system.
  • When the system opens for the first time, a page will appear asking you to change the password. Type the secret password (default password), then type the new password and check it.
  • After this save your information. The system will log you out and you will have to log in again, enter a new email address and password, and then click on the login button.
  • Once the system opens for the first time this will be the first page showing the menus used by the principals.

Appearance modules (moduli or mahudhurios)

The attendance module is a module in this School Information System (SIS) system. This module enables you to capture student attendance at relevant intervals as well as the attendance of teachers and non-teaching staff at the school level.


In this article, we have discussed about the SIS which stands for school information system, the system used to store the information of schools. Sis.tamisemi.go.tz of this system help it to work efficiently and manage the work of the school. It manages the attendance of the students and teachers at the school level. We hope that you understand this system and its modules through this article, to get more relevant information like this you can stay in touch with our articles.

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