Red Door Yellow Door: The Game Rules, How to Play

Red Door Yellow Door

We all played various games for our entertainment. Games like truth and dare or scissor rock paper and many more. Most of them still play these games. Whenever there are gatherings like parties , girls’ night, or reunions. Games like these spices up our gatherings. So, today we all have got you something similar. A game you might know or some might also not know. The game is Red Door Yellow Door. This is a spooky game. It is possible that you have seen it on TikTok. You must have played this game in sleepovers. This game known by other names too. Like Black Door, White Door, or Door of Mind. Here, we will discuss about this game so that our audience can have knowledge on it.

Red Door Yellow Door

Through this article, you will explore the entire paranormal ritual. One thing is most important, that is you need two brave players. And you are all set to lead each other through the doors of each other’s minds.

What is red door yellow door?

Red Door Yellow Door is an interesting spooky game in which you need two players where one will be the guide and another one will be the player. There are many other names for this game such as black door, white door, or The Doors of Mind. It is usually played as the mind magic trick that players play at the time of sleepovers. In this game, a player will sleep and the other one will guide him while they both will get ready to enter into the door that exists inside their head.

How To Play Red Door Yellow Door?

  • Red Door Yellow Door requires 2 players. In which one acts as a subject and the other as a guide. You can have an audience. What I mean is that other people in the room can see. As long as they are quiet and not disturbing the game.
  • The player who is a guide in the game needs to sit on the floor. He/she has to put a pillow on their lap. The guide in the game acts as a leader. It’s his/her responsibility to make the subject comfortable and relaxed. The guide can put a blanket or pillow on his lap. On that subject will rest his/her head.
  • When the subject properly rests his/her head on the lap. The subject is on his/her back and needs to close his/her eyes. Then raise your hands in the air until the subject starts feeling relaxed.
  • The subject will keep his/her eyes closed throughout the game.
  • The guide needs to start massaging the temple of the subject in a circular motion. Simultaneously guide needs to start chanting. The guide needs to chant red door, yellow door, or any other color door. This has to be done over and over again. This will take the subject into a trance. It will take a few minutes for the subject to visualize the hallways and doors.
  • If there are other people in the room they can also chant.
  • The subject will naturally feel that they are going into a trance. Then they will lower their hands before they see the hallways and doors. When you see that the subject hands are lowered to the ground. Take it as a hint that the game has now started.
  • When you see the subject has put the hands down, set a 10-minute timer. This is to keep track of the game. Note that it’s not best to keep the subject in a trance for too long.

Red Door Yellow Door: Direct the Subject as a Guide

Here are some take the Red Door Yellow Door game command steps

  • Here now guide in the game needs to take a command. What I mean is that you need to guide the subject through the house. While doing that ask the subject what he or she sees. Ask them ‘What do you see ?. You can also ask ‘Can you describe the room? Or what do you feel about the purple door? Keep asking questions so that you get an idea. To know what the subject is experiencing.
  • While doing this ask the subject to move forward and go to another room. Only if they feel positive about it. Don’t stop the question and answer throughout the game.
  • You have to make sure that the subject answers all the questions. This will help you to move forward in the game as a guide.
  • See this is never-ending. You need to decide when to end the game.

Realizing the Danger as a Subject 

When you are in the game as the subject. It is advised that when you enter a room where you see people. Then don’t talk to those people and it’s best to leave that room asap. This is advice because you are not aware of their intention. For best just leave them alone as it is. Some people are evil and they try to trick you. In the game, if you walk into a room that has a clock, you need to describe that to guide you. The guide needs to tell them to leave the room. It is said clocks trap the players and do not let them move. One thing, do not move towards darker light or things. It’s better to move toward light and bright things. It is considered safer.

If you feel that you are trapped inside the room. You need to open your eyes the right way. Do not wait for guide instructions. it is said if you do not open your eyes, you will stuck in a trance forever. End the game the right way if you see a man in a suit. He can be dangerous. It’s a sign to end the game. So, this was all about the spooky game Red Door, Yellow Door. Hope you will try it after reading this article if you have not already. For more such interesting articles stay tuned.

Can I Die From Playing Red Door Yellow Door?

People who have scrolled the internet might found Red Door Yellow Door game where many urban legends are found. It takes off with a lot of speculation about what might happens if things goes badly. But, many people quickly remind others that there is no documentation of someone else’s being harmed. Playing on Oujia Board was big when people were growing up, and actually has a long history. And like other games, these modern sleepover games are difficult to play, but still considered as safe.


Games are becoming a trend over the internet where players can try their skills and reach to the next level. One such popular game across the globe is Red Door Yellow Door which is a new gaming plan. Through this game, you can try out your skills and entertain yourself in the available slot. It’s an online game hence, you can play it anytime, anywhere just with an internet connection. It allows you to manage your skills and time and get a chance to win in the game.

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