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Baby Fever Meme

The “baby fever” memes are one of the most wholesome and admirable memes on the internet. The date of origin and source of this cute meme template is unknown at the moment. Seeing this meme is actually rare, but it can be connected to some of the most hilarious things to make and the memes turn out to be really funny. In this template, a smiling woman is sitting on a bench with her baby. A couple is also sitting beside her and the woman in the couple is jealous of the woman because she has a baby, in a good way. She can’t control herself, she wants a baby bad, but her husband is smiling and stopping her in a cute way.


This meme template is really wholesome and conveys the feeling of someone wanting something desperately so well. This meme is not used much now but people were using it abundantly when it came out. A wife posted a funny story of how she showed this template to her husband and her husband understood her without saying anything. After the time period of a year, they had a gorgeous baby girl. This story got quite popular on reddit and received many upvotes. One of the most wholesome stories a meme has ever influenced. The art style of this meme was also very different from the other meme templates.


  • Me looking at the new play station 5 while my dad tries to stop me.
  • My girlfriend looking at the new bridal dress in the mall while I try to stop her.
  • Me looking at the boys playing games all night while my homework stops me.
  • Me looking at the new car at the showroom and the thing stopping me is my bank balance.
  • Baby Fever Meme looking jealously at my friends who do night out while my mom stops me with “be home by 8pm.’
  • My goldfish looking at open sea by the window while my aquarium tries to stop her (sad meme)
  • Tiktokers looking at 1M subscribers while the thing stopping them is “Tiktok banned in India.”
  • Titanic looking at the destination port while the thing stopping it is named “iceberg.”
  • Me looking at my crush and wanting her badly but the thing stopping me is called “looks & personality.”
  • Me looking at 1TB phone storage and the thing stopping me is “My iPhone”
Baby Fever Meme


Sharing memes are slowly becoming an important aspect of our lives. Social media or Internet without memes would be as empty as a fish tank without fishes. Memes started off as just a time pass, true. But looking at today’s timeline, memes have become so mainstream and popular. Laughing from the bottom of our heart is the one instant and free solution that can help us fight depression / anxiety and make us relaxed. We all have our problems, different people, different problems. We are all fighting our own demons inside. Watching memes, getting happiness from sharing memes allows us to lighten up our mood and elevate our dopamine levels. Memes have the capacity to serve mental problems.

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