Famous Blue Emoji Meme: Ideas, Jokes, Fun, Love

Blue Emoji Meme

The origin of the famous blue emoji meme dates all the way back to the year 2016. It originated for the first time as symbols and icons. It actually consists of a set of blue emoji stickers which are very detailed. You can call it a “sticker pack.” The memes on this were made for the first time in the previous year – 2021. These blue stickers became viral online after being used as reaction images or stickers. This was the first set of emojis to be used as reaction images for meme materials.


A little before the date of the 13th of January in the year 2015, an unknown person uploaded a collection of a very detailed purple sticker pack on the internet. Soon after being posted, people began to use them on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms in 2015. But in the February of 2016, these emojis were re- uploaded with a change in the color to blue for further use on the Facebook platform. Soon after getting famous and being used a source material for reaction meme image, a tiktoker posted a meme with this emoji as a reaction image and his post got over 15.4 thousand likes in December. Similarly another tiktok posted a different meme with this image again and his post got more than 75.4 thousand likes in January! That too in a short span. But again in 2022, this emoji meme resurfaced and we saw this meme in all major platforms.


  • Blue emoji eating a cookie – my mom when she catches me opening the fridge at 2 AM
  • Wide teeth smile blue emoji – me when someone asks me if I want vanilla flavored ice cream with choco chips.
  • Angry blue emoji – When someone says wearing the mask is not compulsory because they have rights.
  • Suspicious smiling blue emoji – when I successfully spread wrong information over the internet.
  • Does not care about anything blue emoji – I will never dance for anyone.
  • Winking blue emoji – you hate me? I love you secretly, girl.
  • Smiling blue emoji – I love my life [ is secretly dead inside].
  • Angry and sad blue emoji – WHY DIDN’T YOU LAUGH AT MY MEME
  • Whoever made the blue emoji deserves a blue pineapple.
Blue Emoji Meme


Since 2020, a lot of people are having stress and having a hard time coping up with their mind. We all sometimes feel un-motivated, sad, tension and negative thoughts.

Memes are the best way any individual or group can share to ease the tension and soothe the pain. When a mutual event happens, even a big pandemic, people make memes about it and share it with their group or the world. They can relate to the situation and laugh together. Nothing can go wrong when one tries to spread joy, when one tries to spread memes. They are our internet saviors.

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