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bisexual memes

Memes are really popular in social media as people create, share various memes on several different topics that might be funny, dank or even dark humour which are based on anyone’s caste, creed, race and origins. Although such memes were never supposedly be made in the first rule but there are certain groups of people who make such dark and dank jokes on sensitive jokes that give joy to so many people which does create sort of controversy but that’s where the fun begins as it attracts more attention to duch memes. One such trendy yet controversial meme trend was of Bisexual genders and let us know more details about it in brief.


There is no exact origin for the bisexuality as the term itself dates back to times of 16th century where same sexual oriented people used to have feelings of love and passion between them. At that time it was considered illegal but by the 19th century, it was finally termed legal in 1969. jokes on bisexuality were quite normal in the western countires especially United States which had the majority of Bisexual oriented persons. The same trend of joking on such people’s dual love interest on both genders was continued in the social media through memes.


Bisexuality is very complex and rare phenonmenon in the past days which meant that the person had love interest on both the genders despite whatever he/she is. In the 16th century it was considered to be very rare and sometimes odd orill appropriate but by the arrival of 21st century, it now has become quite common. People adore and respect without treating them in rasicm as 2022 year has seen people slowly understanding the feelings of several people who have such bisexuality. The major reason being the LGBTQ+ movement which is being led in many countries that promotes and encourages people to openly show their sexual orientations no matter what people say or mock.


The popularity of the bisexual memes is relatively controversial due to the fact of memes being jokes and parody on the topics. The bisexual memes made fun and joked aboiut the perople’s beisuxuality problem and usually in the memes such people were termed as either ‘Gay’ or ‘lesbian’, which to educated people looks like any other gender but for unedictaed poeple looks like mockery and joyful thing. The memes are always under scrutiny and immense controversy between the people who support such different genders and people who claim that there are only three genders – Male, Female and others which usually consists of all these different genders. The controversy is still high enough and hence people fight through these memes and try to provoke the people who support the LGBTQ+ movement whereas the offended people raise the volume and try to fight for justice and equality like all others.

bisexual memes


There is certainly very negative and opposite side of impact created through these memes as the original theme for memes to be funny and sarcastic totally diminishe with these meme wars.there is heavy criticism behind the bisexual memes as people mock and joke about the bisexuality peoblem without supporting them or giving the opportunity to express themselves. That was the very factor many of the people never disclose about their gender and close their thoughts by not revealing those interests to anyone or people would bully them. That’s how LGBTQ+ movement started and people started raising their voices for such misdemeanours conducted over to such poor people who have that Bisexuality factor.

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