Best Roblox Games to Play with Friends in 2024

Best Roblox Games

Best Roblox Games is a well-known platform for creating games, with over 40 million users per day. Roblox offers an extensive selection of games. It includes role-playing, adventure, and puzzle games. It suits every player’s interests, whether they are playing with friends or discovering a new world.

What are the Best Roblox Games?

1. Fashion Famous: You compete for first place in this brutal game of style and cunning. Fashion Famous is a great opportunity to put your sense of style and friendships to the test. You can play Fashion Famous with up to eight other players and battle for first, second, and third place. Every round starts with the same theme. It may be anything from a superhero to a winter wonderland to a vacation overseas.

2. Bloxy Bingo: Because it’s just plain enjoyable, Bloxy Bingo is a strong candidate for our list of the top Roblox games. You enter a massive bingo hall with hundreds of people whenever you join a server. Prepare yourself for one of the most intense bingo games you’ve ever played; whether you choose to sit by yourself or with company.

3. Zombies Project Lazarus: One of the most intense Roblox available is Zombies Project Lazarus. This is why it easily tops our list of the Best Roblox. People love this first-person shooter zombie game, even if it’s currently in Alpha. Players must fend off waves upon waves of advancing undead enemies in this game. It is reminiscent of Call of Duty Zombies. Two maps are based on a CoD Zombies map: the school map and the scientific lab map.

4. Hide and Seek Extreme: The traditional children’s game hide and seek has been adapted into video games in a variety of ways. Not all of them are kid-friendly. Even though Hide and Seek Extreme is getting on in age, it still manages to provide a unique spin to the classics. This makes it a fitting addition to our list of the greatest Roblox games. The settings—different rooms within a house—are large, yet the characters are tiny. There are a lot more places to hide at Toy Store as everyone is the size of a toy.

5. Horror Elevator: It is a contender for the top Roblox games that is not for the timid. It is a disturbing twist on the typical kid-friendly games. Gamers have to endure varying degrees of gory material and killings. After a predetermined amount of time, you must escape the lift, endure the horrors, and find your way back to the lift before the doors close. If you’re searching for something to scare you late at night, this is a quick and entertaining horror game. You can play this by yourself or with company.

6. Anime Champions Simulator: It is now one of the most popular anime games on Roblox. As they travel the cosmos, you must assemble fighters from the most well-known Shonen Jump comics. For instance, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia, and Dragon Ball Z.

7. Cotton Obby: We had to include an Obby on our list, of course. There are several to pick from. Thanks to its lovely appearance, this serene pastel Obby parkour map is the ideal way to test your skills without putting you under too much stress. Cotton Obby is the most recent in a lengthy series of obstacle course games created by River City Entertainment on Roblox. The same company also created the well-known maps Chocolate Obby and Dream Obby.

8. Pet Simulator 99: You get coins when your pets hatch. Once you have the greatest army of the cutest animals on the server, you may use those coins to hatch new pets. Pet Simulator 99 codes are available here. But they might not function as you’re used to, so be sure to read up on how to obtain some bonuses in this charming grind. Various websites cover how to use the Pet Simulator 99 pets transfer and how to obtain diamonds quickly to help you get started in the right direction. Those adorable four-legged companions won’t grow up.

9. All-Star Tower Defence: It’s a lot of fun to fight against waves upon waves of attackers in the best tower defense games. But why not use heroes from My Hero Academia or ninjas from Naruto to crush your enemies instead of setting up and upgrading plain old towers? In the story mode of All-Star Tower Defence, you must defend a number of well-known anime places. By finishing each level, you can unlock awards that let you buy more potent structures. To put your stamina to the test, there are also other challenge modes, a PvP game, and an infinite mode. For the newest freebies, check out these All-Star Tower Defence codes.

10. Blox Fruit: Depending on the kind of fruit you consume, consuming a Blox Fruit—which is inspired by Devil Fruit from the One Piece anime—grants you a variety of strange and amazing properties. Your goal is to use this fruit’s power to gradually increase your strength. You skill as you go through the worlds. You team up with other players to defeat enemies and level up. To advance, you must strategically use your Blox Fruit. Each fruit has unique advantages and disadvantages. The fruit may be bought from a dealer. But if you want to switch up your skills, keep an eye out for fresh fruit as it also frequently spawns on the map every hour.

11. Murder Mystery 2: This Roblox game is a murder mystery-themed arena fighter that is extremely addictive. Players are assigned one of three roles—murderer, sheriff, or innocent—after casting their votes for the intricately detailed and creatively made maps they would want to play on. The only armed characters are the sheriff and the murderer. Both classes start each round with their weapons holstered and just as anonymous as the innocents. As a result, they decide when to move. What follows is an exciting game of strategy. You try to figure out who in the group is acting the most shady by closely examining and suspecting each other.


Millions of games are available for users to browse and test out on Roblox. It includes first-person shooter (FPS), horror, and simulation games. Everyone can find something to like in our enormous selection of games. All of the games on Roblox have the same basic user interface and controls. It’s a great place to try out different genres or just games in general. Even if a lot of these appear like they’re only for kids, the majority will surprise you in the end.

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