Cricket: Rules, Gameplay and Rewards

There are two teams of eleven players in a bat-and-ball game called cricket, which takes place on a field with a pitch that measures about 22 yards (20 metres). This game is played in the afternoons and evenings. Viewers who wish to follow a match on television can view the live cricket match score.

 Each end of the field has a wicket with two bails balanced on three stumps. Batting teams score runs by striking the ball at the wicket with the bat (and running between the wickets), while bowling and fielding teams prevent this (by stopping the ball from leaving the field and getting the ball to either wicket) and dismiss each batsman (so they are out). Bowled means the ball hits the stumps and dislodges the bails, and be caught by the fielding side or hit a wicket with the ball before the batter crosses the crease in front of the wicket means having been dismissed. Ten batters are thrown out to end the inning, and the teams then swap roles. International matches are adjudicated by three umpires, as well as a referee and a third umpire.

Basic Rules Of Cricket

● Two teams of eleven players each play cricket. (Sometimes, 8 player teams will be used in junior competitions).

● Every team will bat and field/bowl to turn during one inning of a game.

● As the batsman tries to hit the ball with his bat, a bowler will throw the ball to him.

No. of Cricket Teams

There are many cricket teams but only some are famous and people know those teams only.

Here are the teams:

1. Indian Cricket Team

2. Australian Cricket Team

3. West Indies 

4. South Africa

5. Pakistan

6. Bangladesh

7. Afganistan

8. New Zealand

9. Canada

10. Netherlands

11. Sri Lanka

12. Zimbabwe

13. Kenya

14. Bermuda

These are the main cricket teams which everyone knows.

In case you can’t watch the match, you can still check the live cricket match score.

Live match information and live cricket match score is provided by the many Apps in the market. There are many apps available to view the live cricket match score.

How To See Live Cricket Match Score?

You can find out how to follow a cricket match online by searching for “live cricket match score”. Live cricket match scores will have many results.

Live cricket match scores can be viewed on the following apps and platforms:

1. Cricbuzz

2.    BCCI main website

3. News Channels Websites

How to Get information about Upcoming Cricket Matches?

If you are a cricket fan then you must be waiting always for the matches. And must be curious to know about upcoming cricket matches.

Even, I am also a big cricket fan and I stay curious about the upcoming cricket matches. But you must be thinking about getting information about the upcoming cricket matches, right?

So, here are some platforms where you can get information about the upcoming cricket matches.

1. You can go on the internet and simply search for upcoming cricket matches

2. You can go to the official BBCI website for the timetable of matches.

Batting in Cricket

A batted ball is used to score runs and prevent the loss of one’s wicket in cricket. It doesn’t matter whether batting is a player’s particular strength or not, when they are currently at the crease they are known as batsmen, batswomen, or batter. Compared to players from different countries, batting players have to adapt to various conditions when playing on different cricket pitches, which is why they have lightning reflexes, make excellent decisions and will be good strategists on top of their physical batting skills.

The striker and non-striker are both on the pitch at the same time during an innings: who faces the current delivery of the bowler is the striker, and who isn’t. Batting players are replaced by their teammates when they are out.

Bowling in Cricket

In cricket, a delivery or ball is a single act of delivering a cricket ball to the batsman. The bowler and other fielders try to stop the batsman from scoring runs by getting him out once the ball is delivered. The next delivery begins when the ball has become dead.

The bowler of the fielding team delivers balls to the batsman during the game. In cricket, an over is defined as six legally hit balls in a row, and the bowler changes after each over. From the bowler’s end of the pitch, the ball is delivered toward the batsman seated at the opposite wicket. 

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