Olympics Highlights Turned Into Chinese Political Videos

olympics highlights are riddled propaganda

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was a huge thing for China as after COVID it was time for them to show the fact that things are normal. It did run trough in a better manner and create a great impact. This does indeed tell a lot about Winter Olympics and the impact China do want to create. Hence, it did give them the chance to make an impact. As the war between the world and China is still at the highest level that what it was ever as the COVID spread around the world did make things look different. It is just that China has more power than many nations, so it is very hard to put pressure on them. Olympics Highlights Are Riddled Propaganda.

However, this does not seem to be fair with sports fan who do try very hard to make an impact with just following games and even winter sports, which is indeed not as famous as games in summer Olympics. Despite the very fact, as it is the Olympic Games, people do watch it. As people do not have time to catch everything they want, it feels as sports fan who were searching about the Olympics did get some political videos on the top five searches on YouTube. “Beijing,” “Beijing 2022,” “Olympics,” or “Olympics 2022” did show the mix of pro-China and against China videos that do show the fact how both sets of people are fighting hard to make an impact. Youtube Highlights Are Riddled Propaganda.

Most of the videos that were coming on top five was telling good things about China, which does show the fact that it can be government-backed players who were using the power of SEO for creating an impact. This does show how China do want to use this mega event to say good things about them. However, the side against China is also making sure that they can tell about every bad thing they are doing, especially COVID. Hence, it has created all the politics in sports and those who are winning Gold, Silver or Bronze medals are getting the name on sixth and seventh number on the search panel. “I, being a sports fan, wants to see what is the top update of Winter Olympics and not videos related to China and what they are doing. Youtube Olympics Highlights Riddled Propaganda.

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“This does tell a lot about the politics that do make an impact,” said James Toni, a sports fan from London, England. 

And even in between, they are facing major problems that do talk a lot about the agendas they do want to make for creating an impact. It is not good to get good or bad videos about China – the point is that it is the nature of promoting sports. The COVID-19 pandemic did play a major role in breaking the routine of sports star – and their ability to practice. Hence, it does tell a lot about the need to promote their skilful players ahead of others. This does talk a lot about the change they do want to make for creating a good look and feel. Highlights Are Riddled Propaganda.

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