China winter Olympics Propaganda Getting Bad Reviews on YouTube

Olympics Highlights Are Riddled Propaganda

The Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 are generating increasing amounts of excitement among athletes and spectators. The top athletes from across the world gather annually for the Winter Olympics, which are seen as the pinnacle of winter sports, for an exhilarating competition on snow and ice. One of the most important competitions of their lives occurred as elite athletes competed on the world stage at the Beijing 2022 Games. However, if you peered just over the podium, you could see Beijing’s information surveillance equipment. Olympics Highlights Are Riddled Propaganda.
The hosting of the games by the Chinese government served as an illustration of authoritarian rule, which covered everything from propaganda and skewed online content to censorship and arrests for holding divergent ideas. The technology’s operation is demonstrated through a variety of game scenarios.

Pro-China Videos

Earlier last month, John Scott-Railton, a researcher at Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, came across this flurry of propaganda films. On February 5, Scott-Railton learned that after watching videos of skating and curling, YouTube had automatically began playing a video from a pro-China YouTube account. He believes that when he switched from skating and curling to more severe brainwashing, he went on a downhill spiral.

The second most watched video for the search term “Beijing” was posted by influencer Asian Boss and asked what the Chinese think of the US boycott of the Olympics in Beijing and Uyghur issues. The film, which is allegedly an interview with “ordinary Chinese individuals” in Shanghai who regret the US decision to prevent government personnel from attending the Olympics in Beijing, has been seen by more than 300,000 people. According to a commenter, the US is jealous of China’s economic development. YouTube Highlights Are Riddled Propaganda.

Restrictions on foreign media

How closely the Chinese government was in control of the story was made obvious by the restrictions on media coverage of the games. Increased restrictions on foreign media in China were brought to light by the ejection of a Dutch journalist by a Chinese security volunteer while she was live on television on February 4. This has been mentioned in recent reports from both the International Federation of Journalists and the Foreign Correspondents Club of China (FCCC). YouTube Olympics Highlights Riddled Propaganda.

Uyghur skier

On February 4, the opening ceremony began with a reminder that China’s leadership had been awarded the games despite perpetrating atrocious atrocities against Uyghurs and other racial and religious minorities. The Chinese government gave the impression that it was embracing the diplomatic boycotts and international condemnation of its human rights abuses by selecting a Uyghur skier to help light the Olympic cauldron. Olympics Are Riddled Propaganda.

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Suppressing the activists

Using coordinated web and media controls, authorities on the mainland and in Hong Kong repressed activists who attempted to demonstrate during or before the Beijing Olympics. After preparing to protest the Olympics on February 4 with a coffin and flags that said “down with the Chinese Communist Party,” “end one-party control,” and other pro-democracy messages, activist Koo Sze-yiu, 75, was detained by police in Hong Kong. Koo is still detained as a result of the rejection of bail.

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