Why should parents attend a Baby first aid course?

Learning first aid is an essential life skill that is necessary to know. Every parent must learn these things as they will come in handy when caring for their child. When an emergency like the child starts to choke, it could lead to brain damage and even death. This can be caused in as short as 4-6 minutes due to a lack of oxygen to the brain.

Though calling an ambulance is very convenient, and they get to your home quickly, there is always the benefit of knowing how to treat your child and sustaining them until the medics arrive. This is why attending a baby first aid course is essential.

At a first aid course, you will get hands-on training from expert educators. Of course, there are options of doing one online, but it lacks the practicality of this skill which is the most crucial part.

What do parents learn at the first aid for babies course?

When you attend a first aid course for babies, you will learn the essential things to know in case of an emergency. You will learn to deal with the situation and remove all dangers calmly. If it is a serious situation, you can take it into your own hands and keep everything stable until the paramedics arrive.

Read about the course syllabus that most first aid classes teach. You will learn:

  • The right way to perform CPR on a baby and how to use an AED confidently
  • How to check if the baby has a fever the right way, what medication to give and when
  • How to handle various medical emergencies like food poisoning, seizures, allergies and an electric shock
  • The Heimlich Manoeuvre, which can save the lives of children and adults
  • How to prevent medical emergencies as far as possible
  • To treat climatic injuries like dehydration. hypothermia or a heat stroke and how to avoid them from happening
  • To treat physical injuries like burns, bandaging a cut or fracture.
  • How to stop bleeding
  • And finally, how to prevent any injuries from happening.

Who should attend a first aid course for babies

A first aid course for children is not meant only for their parents. Many others can attend this kind of session and gain from it. They are:

  • Babysitters
  • Teachers and teaching assistants
  • Caregivers
  • Nursery staff
  • Hospitality workers
  • Those who work with children
  • Anyone who wishes to have this knowledge  

Attending a first aid course is a mandatory and fundamental skill. Possessing this skill can aid you in helping those around you in case of an emergency. When a teenager or adult gets hurt, they will be able to take care of themselves if it is a minor injury. But a baby is completely helpless.

Babies have no way of taking care of themselves and preventing things from happening. They are so small and utterly dependent on those around them to survive. If they fall sick, get a bruise, or get dehydrated, it is up to those around them to deal with it. 

Learning skills from a baby first aid course will benefit you even if you are not a parent. You could always be in a situation where someone else needs your help, and you can save the day!

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