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Tamako Nobi

Tamako Nobi is the world’s most famous mother in the anime history, because she is the mother of Nobita Nobi from Doreamon – an anime which is connected to our hearts and gives us a wave of nostalgia whenever we think about it. She is the one who always scolds Nobita for his habits and test results. Nobita and Doreamon both are always dead scared of her.

She becomes even more angry when she finds out Nobita has hidden his test results. Her birth date is 16 of February, that makes her an Aquarius. She is 38 years old in the series. She is very serious about Nobita’s punishments so she yells at him, cusses him, does not give him pocket money, throws him out of her house, she also sometimes spanks him but it is rare. Tamako Nobi wants Nobita to wake up early, not be late to school and finish his home work before the deadline and Nobita precisely does not do any of these things. She also hates it when she sends Nobita to do errands but he returns empty handed instead. She does not like pets in her house.


Her body figure is fairly slim and she always wears round goggles like her son Nobita. She is seen wearing different outfits in different manga adaptations. In he 1973 version, she has brown hair and yellow top with green  skirt. But after 1979, her OG outfit consists of a pink shirt with a white colored collars. Below she wore a magenta skirt and apron. The CGI version and the 2005 version are also different.


She has a famous saying “ Nobita, have you completed your homework?” She is seen in the anime always being serious about her son Nobita and his exams. Tamako Nobi is often seen scolding Nobita for scoring low marks and hiding his test results but deep down she genuinely cares for Nobita and is strict because Nobita can have a better future. Her personality does not undergo any major changes through out all adaptations, she usually rages and is short tempered. She remains calm but serious. She is like a typical housewife in Japan, she takes care of the house, cooks and cleans, Doreamon also helps her sometimes. Despite her husband earning money, she manages the money and finance in the house. She always refuses Nobita to buy expensive stuffs. Nobita thinks she is very mean and heartless because she always scolds her. Tamako is scared of insects and cannot tolerate them.


Son : Nobita Nobi

Son’s friend : Doreamon (He stays in their home)

Husband : Nobisuke Nobi

Father : Mr Kataoka

Mother : Mrs Kataoka

Younger brother : Tamao Kataoka

Brother in law : Nobirou Nobi

Father in law : Nobiru Nobi (Deceased)

Tamako Nobi


In the 1973 version, She had brown colored hair. They changed it to black in 1979.

In the American English Dub, her name is changed to Tammy.

She was born in the year 1941.

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